Modernize Chicken Slaughterhouses Via Technology

How to Modernize a Chicken Slaughterhouse Through Technology

A slaughterhouse; especially chicken slaughterhouse is seen more like a traditional approach when it comes to technology. With new market trends and regulation policies, it has become inevitable for business houses in slaughtering to keep them self away from these technologies. The different type of areas for technology adoption are:

  • Rearing Farm Evolution
  • Supply chain handling/processing equipment
  • Business Process such as finance, sales, purchase etc.

Here we shall be talking of point number three; the evolution of technology in business processes of slaughterhouses. An end-to-end ERP solution can work as slaughterhouse production management software, supply chain management software. A process-wise benefit summary of using this software for slaughterhouse is:

Rearing Process:

The software can assist you in capturing the information related to herd, flock, individual animal and assist you in publishing/calculating key parameters such:

  • Mortality Ratio
  • Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
  • Sexing Error
  • Weight Gain
  • Vaccination schedules etc.

Nowadays automatic evisceration and mobility solutions are available to capture the data at the remote locations of the farms.

Moreover, these key parameters can also assist in better planning of the feed as per the schedules. It can also help in keeping the traceability of the origin of the flock, herd etc. Procurement Process: Purchase of the animal is done from the farmers and agents by the slaughterhouses. Which is mostly done in cash hence the business owners need to have control over the procurement process. A software can help in:

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  • Capturing market vs actual purchase price
  • Capturing real-time information of the end supplier to keep track
  • The approval process for any deviations
  • Integration with weighbridge

Meat Processing/ Inventory Management:

With a typical variable list of outputs such as meat, fat etc., accounting of the inventory is always a challenge in this industry. With the use of the software, this issue can be handled by the predefined expected outcome and reporting actual output. This helps in further defining the costing of the whole process along with the overheads.

A proper accounting of the inventory also helps in keeping the data as per industry standards for compliance for example Shelf Life, Bar Codes, Traceability, lot number etc. Hence with the effective inventory management tool, production units can:

  • Perform Lot Traceability
  • Manage location-wise, plant wise inventory
  • Support multiple products with a single application

Sales/Customer Management:

Right from customer schedules to dispatch schedule along with integration with Finance, the software helps in keeping your customer happy. You can keep your customer credit limits in control while keeping the business as usual. Over apart from a happy customer you get:

  • Effective control on the receivables
  • Better planning for dispatch
  • Effective order booking along with the traceability

Finance Management:

As all the business processes result is finance, using an ERP software helps you in the tight integration of all the activities with the finance. Right from the inventory valuation to fixed asset accounting everything is done in single integrated software. Data capturing at every stage helps in creating better costing and financial reporting. In brief finance management helps in:

  • Better cash flow projections
  • Statuary reporting
  • Integrated financial reporting with sub-ledger drill down.
  • Easier management of the books

Last Word

As explained above if you are growing organization in the business of Poultry, Rearing, Meat Processing, You can migrate the traditional processes on new generation software without any hassles & disturbing the core objective. Adoption of new technology will help you in creating more business opportunities with higher returns.