Leading Air Chilling Line Manufacturer

Chilling is not just removing heat. The chilling process always determines the appearance, yield, and shelf life of your end product. Tekaman’s air chilling line ensures maximum chilled product. Products reach the right core temperature without frozen neck flaps or wings, artificially dry but with moisture kept to the minimum.

Our air chilling provides an optimum output in the pre-chilling region. Air chill lines tether in various versions for one or two birds, hung on one or both legs give tailor-made solutions for different capacities and applications.

A specifically designed air chilling line system can be installed in addition to the evaporator, which offers a more efficient and effective pre-chilling of the chickens. This system offers more efficiency and also is a necessary unit when processing strong scalded chickens as it prevents bird-color changing.

Quality-Driven Air Chilling Line Supplier

Tekaman is among the leading air chilling line suppliers in China. Apart from the chilling line, we also offer chicken pucker, Chicken Defeathering device, Automatic Evisceration, auger chiller, outside/inside washer, conveyor belt machine, bagging machine, and more.

Innovation drives us to create value. Whether software, processes, hardware, or services, we are fully dedicated to exceeding industry standards to assure chillers can preserve food that is sustainable, high quality, and affordable. Our commitment is to progress rapidly that can be highlighted by the fact that each year, we significantly invest in Research and Development (R&D) higher than the industry competitors.

We perceive that holding our situation as a Chinese leadre in food preservation arrangements requires a steady spotlight on a joint effort, participation, and correspondence.

Our vision is to satisfy our clients with chilling lines that are appreciated due to structural expertise. We aim to establish customer loyalty by working with experts that bring integrity through their work ethics.