Best Leading Auger Chiller Supplier in China

Established a decade ago, Tekaman has massive experience in engineering, manufacturing, and distributing auger chiller and cooling equipment for various industries; especially for the poultry market. Tekaman offers its customers a diverse range of industrial equipment that is specifically tailored to their needs.

Apart from auger chiller, we offer chicken pucker, Chicken Defeathering Machine, Automatic Evisceration, outside/inside washer, Air chilling line, conveyor belt machine, bagging machine and more. You can visit our “Products” tab to know more about our offerings.

To get more benefits from the latest research and development in our products, we have joined hands with different universities and research institutes. All these institutes are committed to becoming a popular enterprise linked with production and sales, and science research with the base of super talent, scientific management and excellent services. With a closed focus on research, and backed by market demand, we are moving ahead to provide top quality products.

Customer Oriented Auger Chiller Manufacturer

Our main aim is to give our customers the products that are tailor-made and exactly suit their business requirements and scenarios. Tekaman is a global auger chiller provider that believes in sourcing quality raw materials. Our emphasis on quality is unshakable. Therefore, we only go for expert workers to grow at a rapid pace.

As a start-up in the initial stages of our growth, we strived to strike balance between quality and time. Now, we give individual attention to our clients and listen to their attention to detail, deliver work before the due date, and assure high-quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

We have the vision to provide our client with an auger chiller that is worth appreciation due to its structural expertise and high-quality. Also, we aim to establish commitment and customer loyalty by hiring professionals that are passionate and assures reliability through their work ethics.