Top Quality Automatic Evisceration Machine Provider

Tekaman is engaged in manufacturing poultry processing machines like Automatic Evisceration. We can design and produce high quality and professional turn-key poultry slaughterhouse machines and project. Apart from Evisceration machine, we offer like chicken pucker, Chicken Defeathering Machine, Crate Destacking, outside/inside washer, auger chiller, Air chilling line, conveyor belt machine, bagging machine and more.

The Automatic Eviscerator function is to erase the intestine after the vent cutting and opening process. The equipment is installed in an overhead conveyor line’s corner and directly driven by line. The automatic Evisceration system receives high precise in the market of poultry customers. The capacity varies as per different working units.

We specialize in poultry processing equipment manufacturing, with experience of over a decade. We can support and advise you on how to set up processing units or provide machines for existing units.

We have services from professionals that are qualified who invest their efforts to provide clients with their required products smoothly and effectively. Thanks to the skills and expertise of our R&D department along with manufacturing teams’ brilliance, we are offering more efficient and innovative processing Automatic Evisceration equipment.

Best Automatic Evisceration machine Supplier in China

We believe success is driven by passion. Therefore, we commit to our clients that we will ensure our service is worth their investment and time. We make sure our valued customers receive value for their money which is provided by acquiring assistance from skilled experts and professionals.

We want our Automatic Evisceration to be the basic reasons for assuring client satisfaction and brand recognition. Tekaman pays special attention towards work ethics and offers our customers products with market competitive prices.

Through advanced technological innovations in a highly competitive market, our mission is to bring further improvements and to offer solutions incorporating the cutting-edge technologies to facilitate activities within the slaughterhouse.