We are Top Supplier of Chicken Defeathering Machine

Tekaman is one of the leading Chicken Defeathering Machine suppliers in China. Apart from Defeathering Machine, we also offer chicken pucker, Chicken Defeathering device, Automatic Evisceration, auger chiller, Air chilling line, outside/inside washer, conveyor belt machine, bagging machine and more.

The primary goal of our company is to fully match our clients’ expectations, remain committed to grasp their requirements, amalgamating that commitment with the journey whose ultimate destination is a fully “customized” chicken defeathering system. Further, we chase possible innovative poultry solutions and systems that represent a robust source of saving time and cost.

Tekaman always offers the right solution for every Chicken Defeathering Machine requirement. It has the capacity to customize the production or efficiency values needed; from the input, process and output.

Quality Chicken Defeathering Machine Supplier

Quality for Tekaman depicts a true corporate philosophy, involving the production process, commencing with the raw material, inclusive of the care taken during assembly, up to the construction of the machine and operator training.  The corporate values of us are based upon dynamism and flexibility, values that have, over the period, shaped an active commercial organization that can constantly adapt to market demands.

For Tekaman, excellence is achieved by taking the path of research for perfection. Excellence is the concept that combines ideally with the design and technological and constructive factor.  Each of our product reflects that concept to the core.

To achieve quality and excellence, we have our Quality Control (QC) department. Each of our Chicken Defeathering Machine passes through the rigorous testing phase. Any defected unit os detected and discarded at the same time; thus making the process seamless.

Our ultimate corporate objective is to develop concepts which reflect the spirit of protection for the energy savings, environment, and eco-friendly technologies and aid partners and customers make choices which are in line with these values.