Quality Chicken Plucker Supplier

Tekaman takes proud to be a leading chicken plucker supplier in China. We design and deliver chicken plucker for automated defeathering machinery along with similar applications in the poultry industry. We offer several varieties of chicken plucker fingers and we can offer the finger pluckers in different hardness.

We have been manufacturing and offering our durable pluckers for different companies throughout China and the world. Tekaman can mold in the custom form in any size or shape of chicken plucker to meet the application specs.

As a leading chicken plucker supplier, we can meet your short lead times and deliver optimized feather plucker fingers as you per your need. In addition, we manufacture a variety of other rubber and polyurethane poultry machines.

Our quality Chicken Plucker takes out the hassle of back-yard processing. You can completely de-feathering a chicken in a matter of seconds. The Tekaman’s chicken Plucker has revolutionized the messiest and painstaking processing part which can burn up to 30 minutes per chicken if scrapped or plucked by hand.

Experienced Chicken Plucker Supplier in China

Tekaman has been partially dedicated to poultry processing machines for over a decade. Our equipment, systems, knowledge, and services are available all over China. We are proud to be the dedicated commercial partner of various renowned poultry-related companies in over a hundred regions.

Working with Tekaman implies you can depend on inventive, savvy, personalized and supportable arrangements that empower you to address the difficulties of the present market and the upcoming society. Your prosperity is our objective, consistently, everywhere in the world.

Our scope has spanned throughout North America, Africa, and Asia, Latin-America and around 40 countries and regions. Since our inception, we established and uphold the profession for survival. Facing the intense market competition, we did not let go of any opportunity and seized every chance successfully and established the market image as a competent chicken plucker supplier.