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Leading Chicken Slaughterhouse Supplier

Tekaman is a Chinese top poultry processing equipment supplier. We offer solutions that enable Chicken processing plant to optimize the value of each chicken being chilled or processed by giving quality in every phase of processing. Our portfolio of products includes chicken pucker, Chicken Defeathering device, Automatic Evisceration, auger chiller, Air chilling line, outside/inside washer, conveyor belt machine, bagging machine and more.

Tekaman is the renowned name as a Chicken slaughterhouse facility provider. Our headquarters are located in Nanjing, China and our sales and marketing departments work tirelessly to reach the customers worldwide. Our business scope has spanned to North America, Africa, Latin-America and other around 40 countries and regions.

Since the inception of Tekaman, we always strived to look beyond survival. To beat the fierce market competition in the Chicken slaughterhouse market, we always look to seize every opportunity in order to improve the market image.

Quality Chicken Processing Plant Supplier

The company has a trust with quality raw materials suppliers who comply with all regulations. The Quality Assurance (QA) team carefully controls the quality from chick to a ready product. As a dynamic company, Tekaman is a reputed name as a Chicken slaughterhouse supplier.

High demand and consumption of meat and steady growth in the amount of production brought about the development of industrial slaughtering and packaging facilities. Tekaman offers turnkey chicken processing plant and processing facility projects that prioritize technologically efficient, fast, and automated systems to meet the requirements in a timely manner.

Our vision as a Chicken processing plant supplier is to provide with poultry products that are worthy of appreciation due to its structural expertise. As a poultry equipment supplier, we aim to establish loyalty by acquiring specialists that have a strong passion to work with professional work ethics and commitments.

If you need a top-quality Chicken slaughterhouse facility provider, Tekaman is the right choice for you.