The cut up line model “COMPACT” consists of a stainless steel frame on which are installed the cutup modules to be used for automatic cut up of chickens. To get the best yield the weight difference in the flock cannot exceed 500 gr. All the portioning machines fitted on the line can be adjusted . The standard line is 5,5 m. long and it is supplied with drive, tension unit, stainless steel shackles, electric control panel and safety device. Upon request and according to the nomber of cuts required, the line can be estended up to 16,5 m.


Capacity B/h 6.000
Standard lenght mm 5.500
Width mm 1.285
Height mm 2.300
Total power installed Kw 1,1 ÷ 1,5
Total weight Kg 550
Shipping volume 8,5