Leading Chinese Pnuematic Clipper Supplier

Tekaman is a collection of research and development, manufacturing, marketing and technical services as a leading Pnuematic clipper supplier. After a long span of work, practice, and research we have developed a series of products like auger chiller, air chilling line, outside washer inside the washer, automatic evisceration, chicken de-feathering machine, chicken plucker, crate destacking, chicken processing plant and belt conveyor.

In recent years, we have cooperated with several universities and research institutes. All these institutions are committed integrated by science research, industrial production and sales, with a strong base of scientific management, superior talent, and excellent services, with focus on research design, driven by market demand, with pursuing to provide higher quality devices.

Tekaman boasts of a powerful infrastructural base, which is entirely equipped with cutting-edge technology equipment needed for the manufacturing of superlative Industrial items. We have enabled ourselves to develop high-efficiency products that are the ideal blend of quality and excellent performance. With significant and capable infrastructural set-up, we can meet standard and bulk orders within the stipulated time.

Since its inception, we know how to survive in this professional world along with management and technological development. After knowing and understanding fierce market competition, we look to seize the opportunity and have successfully built the market image.

Quality Pnuematic Clipper Supplier

Client satisfaction always remains the prime focus for us. Hence, we strive to hire a skilled and professional workforce that works round the clock to meet client requirements. As a reliable Pnuematic clipper supplier, we ensure that our industrial products’ range is offered to our valued customers within the given time frame. Therefore, we have made our mark in creating a long-term relationship with the clients within and outside China.

Unquestionable quality control department supervised by trained and qualified professionals is the hallmark of Tekaman’s accomplishment. All our equipment are manufactured that conform to the standards of industrial quality.

We are committed to developing ourselves as a global Pnuematic clipper supplier, seeking cooperation from around the world, establishing an array of services and information network. Our corporate scope has spanned throughout North America, Asia, Africa, Latin-America and different 40 global regions.