The Vent Cutter removes the vent from the chicken by producing a circular cut around the vent. After cutting, the vent and bursa is lifted out of the bird by a pin and released outside the tail on the back of the chicken. No vacuum is required. The chickens are positioned into the machine below the blade by special clamping unit, self adjusting according to the size of the birds. The rotation of the circular blades is controlled by a set of gears driven by the machine itself. A hand operated stainless steel hydraulic jack raise and lower the machine allowing adjustment for flock variations. Machine is made of stainless steel and food approved nylon.


Model 16 Unit
Capacity P/h 6.000
Lenght mm 1.960
Width mm 1.720
Height mm 2.940
Water cons. at 3 bar l/h 350
Total power installed Kw 1,5
Total weight Kg 1.400
Shipping volume 7