This system contains coop stacker 1set, hydraulic pressure station 1set, piping system 1 set (exclude Pipe hanger),
Coop size: 750(L)×550(W)×275(330)(H)mm
Equipped with:
-Stainless steel sheel and adjustable feet
-High strength special anti-wear nylon chain
-Clamping device matched with coop
-The coop supporting plate adopts double scissor supporting structure, heavy load runing will be stressed uniformly for longer duration.
-Hydraulic lifting and conveying system
-Germany Walter Rexroth oil pump
-Special hydraulic station (N46# anti-wear hydraulic oil 540L, provided by client)
-Stainless steel oil tanks and supports
-Equipped with 2 sets of oil pump power system
-Oil leakage protection device
-Filter jam alarm device
-Hydraulic oil cooler
-PLC system
-Schneider electric components


-Working height, H=1150mm
-Maximum chain speed: 38.27m/min
-Stacking position: 4 Rows/set
-Stacking capacity: 1800 Piece/hour/set
-Oil pump motor power: 2×22kw
-Hydraulic pressure station working pressure: 10MPa
-Press oil pipe specification: 20# seamless steel tube φ34×3.5 (each stacking machine 30m)
-Oil return pipe specification: 20# seamless steel tube φ42×3.5 (each stacking machine 30m)
-Hydraulic pressure station cooling water pipe diameter: DN32
-Stacking machine flushing chain plate water pipe: DN25
External size
-Stacking machine: 5798(L)×1371(W)×2862(H)mm
-Hydraulic pressure station: 2000(L)×1110(W)×1444(H)mm
Note: All coops must be the same type and size